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Golden Land: Australia’s Largest Gold Nuggets

Australia has been known to produce gold nuggets. Over the decades, the world’s largest gold nuggets have come from this beautiful country. Since the gold rush of the 1850s, the bulk of the nuggets that have been mined were found in Victoria. The Welcome Stranger, the world’s largest gold nugget, has been found in this Australian territory. By the year 1910, there have been over 1200 gold nuggets found that have weighed over 620 grams each.

Since this golden age (pun intended) of nugget finding, there have still been large specimens found. Until this day, there are still nuggets being found in this beautiful place. Here are a few of the most famous nuggets that have been unearthed (another pun intended) in Australia over the decades.

Golden Land: Australia’s Largest Gold Nuggets

Australia is home to a beautiful culture, with wildlife that can’t be found in other places in the world, and has also been the epicenter of discovery for the world’s gold nuggets were discovered. Even in 2021, there are still nuggets being found. Here are some of the biggest nuggets that have ever been found under Australian soil.

1 – The Welcome Stranger

As mentioned earlier, this is the legendary nugget that holds the record for the largest golden nugget that has ever been found. The nugget was discovered by prospectors John Deason and Richard Oates on 5 February 1869. It weighs a massive 72 kgs and is 60 cm long.

2 – The Welcome

A few years before The Welcome Stranger, The Welcome Nugget was found in the year 1858 by a group of Cornish miners who had just recently arrived in Australia. The nugget was shaped like a horse’s head, and was originally sold for £10,500 before being minted into gold sovereigns in 1859.

3 – The Hand Of Faith 

This gold nugget was luckily found using a metal detector on 26 Sept 1980. It 27.2 kgs and considered to be the largest nugget found using this method. It is now currently on display at a casino in LAs Vegas, NV in the United States.

4 – The Poseidon 

This gold nugget was found on 18 December 1906 and was named after the champion racehorse that won the Melbourne Cup that year. It weighed 29.6 kgs and was 39 cm long.

5 – The Normandy Nugget

This nugget was discovered in 1995 and is still in existence up to this day. It weighs 25.5 kgs and is 27 cm in length. It is the second-largest gold nugget in existence and is one of the only ones of its size remaining that has not yet been melted down.


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