How to Hit Gold: A Beginner Gold Prospector’s Guide

The gold prospecting community is becoming more popular with the value of gold being seen as a viable alternative to stock options. Prospecting clubs are excellent places for beginners to start their journey in seeking out a rare find on their own. These communities are great places to share trade techniques to help you avoid the same mistakes that veterans have committed.

Take a veteran’s advice

Similar to other hobbies and activities, prospecting is a trade that requires a mastery of basic principles together with educating oneself with the right tools for the job. Although there have been many developments on the latest gear in the market for finding gold, nothing beats the old-fashioned techniques to help you in developing your skills as a prospector.

If you’ve started to gain an interest in gold prospecting, here are three tips that can help increase your success when on the hunt for gold:

  1. Master basic tools and fundamental principles

Scouring the land for gold has been an activity that many veterans have done successfully with the use of basic crevicing tools and a gold pan. It’s their experience and skill that makes a successful gold prospector and not the tools that they use.

Before you start investing in a sluice box or a hauling truck, you first need to know how to find gold with the simplest methods and tools that you have. Do your research about finding gold deposits and rivers and know-how and where you should track it. Committing to the fundamentals of gold prospecting allows you to have a substantial understanding of how to get a decent haul.

  1. Start your search in know areas

Many people make the mistake of thinking that there are secret “honey holes” in the wilderness that contain untapped gold reserves. Although it’s a valid reason to stay away from everyone else when prospecting, you shouldn’t waste your time gambling on myths and rumours.

Your best bet is to take note of the popular areas that have gold-bearing reports with the highest discovery rates. Instead of forcing yourself to avoid crowds, you should follow close behind trendsetters while making an educated estimate on where gold can be found around those areas.

  1. Bring a partner with you

As a general principle, you should avoid going into the wild on your own. At the very least, notify your friends or loved ones whenever you go on a trip so that people can know where to find you in case of an emergency.

Prospecting can be a challenging task to do on your own. Making a trek in the middle of nowhere can be a lonely and even dangerous feat. It is highly recommended that you have an experienced partner to accompany you on your prospecting trips to guide you on finding the right digging spots.


When prospecting for gold, hitting the jackpot won’t always come to you. Sometimes, you may be at the right place, but you can end up losing your chance at striking gold if you give up easily. The key to being successful in looking for gold is by staying vigilant in putting in the work it takes to learn about prospecting habits, finding dig areas, and doing the legwork.

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