Large Elaborate Flat nugget 69.99 grams


This large nugget has a fantastic character to it with an elaborate shape that flows across a fairly flat surface. Perfect for a display cabinet or stand.

Weight: 2.25 Troy Ounces (69.99 grams).

Dimensions: 55mm x 49mm x 10mm

Found near Kurnalpi in Western Australia using a metal detector.

Australian Gold Nuggets:

Australian gold nuggets are renowned for their high purity and amazing lustre. From the Victorian goldfields all the way to the goldfields of the Pilbara, Australia produces incredible gold nuggets. The purity of our gold varies from region to region, most commonly the purity is between 90-98% with variations in different areas. This is a very high average and one of the reasons Australian gold is celebrated all around the globe. Most of these natural nuggets are found by prospectors using metal detectors, dry blowers and wet plants. The nuggets are not easy to find in this harsh environment and prospectors can spend days or months searching at a time, just to find gold. You can be assured each nugget was found with hard work and a lot of patience.