Gold has been throughout history, the safest investment, and a reliable hedge against economic downturn. For this reason, Purchasing gold is a good decision.

Museum Grade/Extra-large nuggets – These pieces are worthy of display in private or public museums, one example of a museum grade and extra-large piece is the hand of faith (found 1980 Victoria, Australia). These pieces are extremely rare either because of their size or their peculiarities, an investment in a piece worthy of a museum cannot be a bad investment in any market. These pieces hold their value irrelevant of the Gold World Trade price and will always demand a higher price than spot.

Crystalline– crystalline gold nuggets encompass arguably the most beautiful natural formations of any element; the crystal form is dependent heavily on the environment and atomic make up of the native nugget and therefore we see a large diversity of structures in crystalline gold. Crystalline gold is pleasing to even the most untrained eye and should be considered one of the finest collectable forms, much like our museum grade nuggets, crystalline gold will hold its value despite the world trade gold price of the day. Typically fetching much more than standard gold price, a crystalline gold nugget is valued for its uniqueness and the insight that it provides into the incredible forces that form these pieces, as these pieces are extremely rare to come by we will never see a large amount on the market and therefore are always in high demand.

Interestingly shaped and large pieces – although no gold nuggets are ‘generic’ there are those that stand out from the pack, due to either their generous size or their interesting formation, typically nuggets of 1 troy ounce and above are extremely rare to come by while prospecting. For this very reason these pieces are highly sort after, the average buyer would expect to pay somewhere over spot price for these magnificent pieces, however for good reason. Like crystalline gold, Australian gold nuggets are reaching phenomenal prices, and are always increasing and for this reason are a good investment if the buyer is looking for a generally faster turnaround for profit. Interestingly shaped nuggets again are prized for their uniqueness and make beautiful additions to anyone’s collection, a lot of what makes a nugget interesting or unique is down to the eye of the beholder, this is why you will often hear gold nugget collectors say “more often than not, the nugget chooses the buyer, not the other way around”.

Jewellery grade – Everyone has their own idea of a beautiful pendant, one thing we can all agree on, is that nuggets have always been a fashionable choice, they display an amazing uniqueness within each individual piece, so you can be sure that yours is a one of a kind. Being from Western Australia, I feel as if adorning WA gold nugget jewellery is no different from flying a black swan, in that it is an advertisement of pride in our rich state. These pieces generally go for spot price or above.

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